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2. Back to the Beach
3. Nashville SS
4. Las Vegas SS
5. Studio 61
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Hit the Lodge Photography Workshop

Hit the Lodge photography workshops

Hit the Lodge is a 4 day photography workshop event. It includes 4 nights lodging and wonderful home cooked meals. HTL's focus is on the passion of photography. For more information on this premium workshop please visit the official Hit the Lodge event website. This is the one everyone talks about. This is SuperShoots ultimate photography workshop. Take a vacation and explore this amazing photography experience. Americana at its best. Learn from several top photography instructors. Network with fellow colleagues and photograph beautiful models in a variety of locations. Experience the beauty of Pike County, Illinois. A studio and natural lighting workshop that is like no other.

Las Vegas Photography Workshop

Las Vegas SuperShoots photography workshop scene in Las Vegas

Las Vegas SuperShoots is now 17 years successful. A 3 entire day workshop. Excellent small group event in unique desert environments. A total of 10 photographers will match up with beautiful models in various desert locations. An incredible event to provide outstanding scenes for your photography. Learn from top photographers offering years of experience with you and your camera at your fingertips. Mentor programs at Las Vegas SuperShoots Photography Workshop are the key to taking your photography to the next level. Experience the passion for being a creative photographer during the Las Vegas SuperShoots series.

Studio 61 photography Workshop Banner

Studio 61 Extreme Beauty Series

Studio 61 events are special workshops for photographers to learn and photograph unique looks in studio and natural light. The class size is limited to a very few photographers and all the models are prepped in Avant-garde and extreme beauty styles. Our creative make up artists provide the artistry. Photographers capture the eXtreme beauty. Studio 61.

Hit the Lake in New England

Las Vegas Photography Workshop

Call it Camp Supershoots in New England with class and style. Our fourth in a series of events in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee at the Oliver Lodge Resort. The event will feature several models that are agency signed. Relax and enjoy the tranquility of the private compound while shooting a variety of models. Take your photography to the next level in New Hampshire. Lodging is included in the registration price. Stay tuned for 2017 dates. Hit the Lake

Supershoots Superpass

Beautiful and Creative Make Up Artistry

photography workshop with J T Smith

Studio and Natural Light Workshops

photography workshop with J T Smith

Supershoots The Best Way to Learn Photography

Supershoots Spotlight

Supershoots workshops have built a reputation that has spanned over two decades in offering the most immersive, hands-on photography workshops in the world. You will learn creative techniques in studio, natural light and post processing. Brilliant teachers will cover everything you want to know. Mentors are there to guide you. Professional make up and hair stylists. See the light at Supershoots. Your questions are answered. Register for an event today to guarantee your spot.

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SuperShoots Video On Demand

Too busy to attend a Supershoots workshop? Learn from Founder and CEO of Supershoots, J T Smith with his presentation on Facial Analysis, Directing the Model and his exclusive J-Tent lighting set up. Supershoots Photography Workshops presents JT Smith at the Peoria Supershoots event (January 2016). This set includes his innovative Facial Analysis system, a quick way to identify a model's "best side" and establish a lighting solution that works. Followed by Directing the Model, including working with the Half Clamshell studio lighting solution, and concludes with the presentation on the J-Tent Studio Lighting set-up. Purchase video on demand and receive a 50 dollar rebate to any SS photography workshop.


2017 Workshop Schedule

Hit the Lodge

Hit the Lodge XVIII

June 11-14, 2017
The best of the best
Pike County, Illinois
Premium Workshop

4 Day Event

Las Vegas Supershoots

Las Vegas Supershoots

Oct. 7-9, 2017
Only 4 spots left
Las Vegas, NV
Premium Workshop

3 Day Event

Nashville Supershoots

Nashville SuperShoots

August 26 and 27, 2017

Nashville, TN
Supershoots Workshop

2 Day Event

Studio 61  Supershoots

Studio 61

Next Creative Event
September. 9 and 10
Pittsfield, IL
Creative Workshop

2 Day Event

Hit the Lake

Hit the Lake

Lake Winnipesaukee
Meredith, NH
Premium Workshop

3 Day Event

Houston Supershoots

Peoria 2018

February 24 and 25
Peoria, IL
Chroma Studio

2 Day Event

Back to the Beach Michigan City, IN

Back to the Beach

August 19 and 20, 2017
Early Bird Savings Period
Michigan City, IN
Supershoots Workshop

2 Day Event

Tampa Supershoots

Tampa SuperShoots

November 4 and 5, 2017

Treasure Island, FL
Supershoots Workshop

2 Day Event


Hit the Lake Workshop

SuperShoots Interview

Video On Demand

J-Tent Lighting Solution  Video On Demand

J T Smith Photography

J T Smith Photo

J T Smith Photo

J T Smith Photo

J T Smith Photo

J T Smith Photo

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Two Premium Workshops - Big Savings



HTL - Hit the Lake - Las Vegas Supershoots
Includes Lodging for all 3 events - Huge Savings



Leah Wilkie - Fishook Photography- My experience at HTL not only boosted my skill-level in photography but also my confidence as a photographer. I will be back for more. Thanks to JT and the gang for an amazing experience

Mike Hill - I can't thank you and everyone enough for the wonderful experience, I am still in awe from all the great instruction and good times!

Jack Hall - This was a fantastic learning experience, and the bargain of my lifetime in photography!

Michael Green - Hey JT just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your program. I attended HTL back in Helen,GA a few years back and things haven't slowed down since. I just wanted to take a bit to remember and be thankful for my beginning brushes with people who in one way or another changed the course of my life. Since then I have signed on with the Rams Cheerleader Calendar for the second year now. I also will be attending the World Photoshop Expo and am nominated for a World Photoshop Guru Award for an image of Ginger from your workshop in GA. that I created of her. Positive energy is all around me now and I just feel the need to recognize its sources. Thanks and peace, Michael Green

Tom Reed - Thank you again to everyone involved in Phoenix. Having those images in my portfolio helped to land the fashion part of a western wear catalog. I am booked for four days of shooting on location in May for the fall catalog. This company puts out four catalogs a year ,so that will mean more work to come. I really think the Phoenix images got their attention. Thank you again.

Joseph Hillebrandt - Maybe I just lucked out, but attending the Tampa SuperShoot event with JT changed my life forever. I realize that this sounds corny, but I truly believe the above sentiment to be an understatement. To put it slightly differently, I gained more experience in one weekend under the expert guidance of JT Smith and the other participating photographers, and a great group of models than I would have accomplished in 6 to 12 months (or more) of independent work and study. The workshop gave me different perspectives to consider, skills I hadn't even realized I was missing, and most importantly, the CONFIDENCE to do a model shoot on my own.

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