Nashville Supershoots 2015
Photography Workshop

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April 11 and 12, 2015

Suite 225
1310 Clinton Street
Nashville, TN 37203

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Organized shooting schedule for two entire days
Models are prepped with outstanding make up artists

We will tell you so you don't forget
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Saturday April 11 - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sunday April 12 - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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"This is where you take photography to the next level"

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Learn, Grow and be Inspired

Start seeing the light. Learn and work with various lighting scenarios in studio and natural light. Photograph beautiful models for your portfolio! Learn skills in how to pose and directing models to maximize your photography. Start creating images with impact.

SuperShoots Photography Workshops provide intense training, but in a comfortable atmosphere to learn and grow as a photographer. SuperShoots events are educational workshops that have seminars, mentor programs and organized shooting schedule to photograph beautiful models prepped in outstanding make up artistry.

Key educational subjects are:

Multiple studio sets with different lighting techniques
Working with different light modifiers
Using rim/hair light to show detail and proper separation
Seeing and working with different effects
Mixing available light and strobe
Using reflectors for fill and accent lighting
Posing guides with different styles
Facial analysis - Learn to light to minimize skin flaws
Natural Light - Window, sun and open shade
Using variable resources in natural light for effective results
Experience multiple locations for outdoor shooting



Learn creative techniques
in a fun and friendly atmosphere

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"Nashville is a fantastic 2 day workshop"

1,400 sq. ft. studio that has plenty of additional warehouse space with natural window light and tall ceilings. Entire property will provide excellent educational value for studio and on location photography. In addition, multiple locations in Nashville, TN for additional scheduled shooting beautiful models prepped in outstanding make up artistry.

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Get involved: Take control of your photography

"Your Photography is Everything"

"See the Light"
Series continues in Nashville

Supershoots will lead instructional workshops on Lighting, Posing, Facial Analysis, Communication and Direction, Creating Images with Impact and much more. There are 5 different photography instructors to learn a variety of skill sets. Our instructors are working professionals with over 100 years of combined photography experience to share that with you.

We will have a variety of Fashion, Beauty and Glamour models to break down in our organized scheduled one on one shooting to explore your passion in photography and enhance your vision with this experience.

Photography by J T Smith
Owner and Keynote instructor at

This wonderful Supershoot will provide a comfortable atmosphere to learn and grow as a photographer. This is perfect for those looking to experience a unique environment for higher education in Photography. Fashion, Beauty and Glamour Models will provide an excellent venue to exceed photography excellence. For those looking to take it to the next level by enhancing the artistic eye in Fashion, Beauty, Glamour and Portraits. Supershoots in Nashville is the perfect opportunity to learn and have fun.

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  $499 - 2 day workshop
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This is a 2 DAY WORKSHOP
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You are committing yourself when you register. There are no refunds, but in case of emergency you are credited to a future Supershoots Event.

Registration fee includes the 2 day event, educational workshops, seminars, and scheduled photo sessions.
No standing over shoulders. No waiting in an assembly line to shoot models.
Includes self promotional release with no extra charges or hidden fees.
Excellent opportunity to learn new techniques and build your portfolio, displays and brochures.

Keynote Instructor - J T Smith

Additional Instructors and Mentors

Host: Grant Lovett

Studio location for Meeting, Seminars, Studio Lighting Workshops

Nashville Supershoots will host 10 beautiful models

Photographer J T Smith has 28 years of photography experience in Fashion, Beauty, Glamour, Commercial and Portraits. Studies Include Associates Degree in Applied Science and Art from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale's Photography Production Technology Program.  Award winning  photographer of A.P.P.I. 

J T is well known for organizing quality photography and modeling events since 1997. Including the Hit the Lodge series that is nationally known year after year. Combining professional models in a fun and relaxed atmosphere along with his dedication to the education of photography, makes Supershoots in Nashville highly recommended.





Email J T Smith for any questions or concerns that you may have. Emails are monitored 16 hours a day.
You are commiting yourself when you register. There are no refunds but in case of emergency you are credited to any of our next events.