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August 26 and 27, 2017
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Nashville Photography Workshop

Saturday - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


2516 Music Valley Drive
Murfreesboro, TN

Shooting Locations
Studio and Nashville Scenes

A Workshop The Way A Workshop Should Be

This event is limited to 10 photographers and it offers you to shoot 1-on-1 with each model during your sessions. Nashville Supershoots IS NOT LIKE you have photographers standing around shooting over the shoulder or waiting for the instructor to do a full session and then giving you 3 minutes each to shoot from the hip or over the shoulder of the instructor and other attendees.

Your sessions are organized and give you plenty of time to gain the experience and learn to create images with impact. Instructors are there to HELP you. They allow you to photograph models 1-on-1 for a comfortable period of time. Instructors are there to answer your questions and inspire you. Then, you rotate to other models and scenes. You keep going with different sessions throughout each day of the event. This is our 18th year for this series event. It's designed to take your photography to the next level. Reserve now before it sells out. Spot available to register online below.

Nashville Supershoots will have workshops on studio and natural lighting, posing, facial analysis, communication, direction, and creating images with impact. Several models attending.

Nashville SS will have a variety of Fashion, Beauty and Glamour models to break down in an organized shooting schedule for you. Shoot one on one with each model and explore your passion in photography. Enhance your photography with this creative experience and learn techniques to enhance your photography.


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August 26 and 27
Saturday and Sunday

Value 499

Supershoots has limited space at each workshop
It is important to register early to guarantee your spot

Email jt @ with any questions
CALL 217 408 8761

Limited Spots Available
Call 217 408 8761 if you have questions

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  • SuperShoots Photography Workshops have spanned over two decades in offering the most immersive, hands-on photography workshop experience.
  • See The Light - Learn new lighting techniques to add to your tool box.
  • SuperShoots seminars focus on visual lessons and hands on training in order for you to understand how to create better images that have impact.
  • Facial analysis. Understand the facial structure and how to light various features to maximize beauty in all of your subjects. This seminar is worth the price of admission alone. Take the guessing out of where to start. Stop spraying and praying with your models and start creating beautiful images on frame 1.
  • Communication is the most important part. Learn proper communication skills. Build a positive atmosphere in your photo sessions. Direct your models with confidence and bring out the energy and emotion with your models. Start putting life into your photography and allow your subjects to emote properly.
  • Composing the shot for impact. Mentors will help you improve and fine tune your technique to consistently create beautiful images .
  • Shoot our beautiful models in unique locations, multiple studio sets and natural light locations. Events usually combine studio and natural light, while others focus more on natural light or studio lighting.
  • Create portfolio worthy images for your book and promotions. Hands on experience will let you proudly create images you can be proud of to call your own.
  • Enhance your photography. Start shooting and presenting images with impact. Everything from start to finish to get you on the right track.
  • No questions go unanswered. All instructors will answer your questions during the entire event. We are here to share our combined years of experience, information and knowledge. It's all about taking your photography to your next level.

Several Models Will Attend


Email J T Smith for any questions or concerns that you may have. Emails are monitored 16 hours a day.
You are committing yourself when you register. There are no refunds but in case of emergency you are credited to any of our next events.






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