Las Vegas Supershoots Photography Workshop

Las Vegas XVI
Photography Workshop
16 year celebration event

October 8-10
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A Premium Supershoots
Photography Workshop

3 Day Event

Saturday - Sunday - Monday

Columbus Day Weekend

"One of the best creative photography workshops"

Organized by
The leader in the way photography workshops should be

Tuscany Suites
Las Vegas, NV

3 days in unique shooting locations
1 on 1 shooting schedule - 3 days
Top Photography Instructors
Transportation provided to the locations

Model Emmy Attending
Shot at Nelson, NV

Las Vegas Supershoots Photography Workshop
Naomi attending model - Shot at dry lake bed

Model April attending - Shot at Tuscany

Marble Factory (Ruins) Location - Amargossa Valley

A Scene from Nelson, NV Location

Model April - Nelson, NV Location

If you are looking to experience a unique environment to improve your photography, look no further. Fashion, Glamour and Beauty Models will provide an excellent venue to exceed photography excellence. For those looking to take their photography to the next level; The Las Vegas Supershoots provides many desert scenes to spark a photographer's creative mind. This is the perfect opportunity to create fantastic images, learn and have fun!
Las Vegas Supershoots Photography Workshop
Image of model Emmy at the Dry Lake Bed Location

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3 day event - Saturday - Sunday - Monday
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Las Vegas Supershoots Photography Workshop
Las Vegas Supershoots image with model Travis at Tuscany

Model Lauren
Photographed at the ruins location

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Las Vegas Photography Workshop image
Tuscany Suites Location - See the Light
Las Vegas Supershoots Image
Scenes from past Las Vegas Supershoots
Las Vegas Supershoots Image
Blast from the pastLas Vegas Supershoots Photography Workshop
Tuscany Suites Location - LVSS image

Las Vegas Supershoots Photgraphy Workshop Image

Model Lauren posing at Redstone Location

Las Vegas Supershoots Photography Workshop
Model Aleisa Attending



3 Day Event
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Workshop includes transportation from Tuscany Suites to and from the event locations each day
This event is limited to 10 photographers and 10 models - 1 on 1 shooting schedule with all models

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Columbus Day Weekend
Saturday - Sunday - Monday


10 models are attending
Unique Locations

Las Vegas Super Shoots Image
Image at Tuscany Suites Pool Location

Beautiful and Creative Make Up Artistry
Mentor Programs
Several unique locations
Learn what you want to learn
Shoot what you want to shoot

Excite your passion for photography
and attend the Las Vegas Supershoots XVI

Your photography will thank you for it


dK Bio

Michael Green Bio
Michael is recognized by Westscott as a top pro Instructors and Mentors

Supershoots Mentors will lead instructional workshops on creating images with impact, detailed lighting, posing facial analysis, communication and direction.


  • Mentors will focus you on creating images that have impact.
  • An in depth facial analysis segment to further enhance your beauty in model photography.
  • Shoot our beautiful models in natural light in a variety of locations. Create portfolio worthy images for your book and promotions.
  • Expand your photography. Start shooting and presenting images that have better presentation. The workshop will cover several shooting and lighting techniques in a variety of scenes.
  • Answering your direct questions. All skill levels will be directed in a way that is not intimidating to the beginner and will spark the creative mind of the advanced photographer. Our staff will evaluate your skill level and will help you learn if you choose to accept it and want it. You can simply shoot and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to photograph experienced models 1 on 1 for 3 entire days in unique locations or take lessons from our expert instructors and do both.


Las Vegas Supershoots Photography Workshop

Las Vegas Supershoots Photography Workshop
Scenes from Las Vegas Supershoots - Nelson, NV

Las Vegas Supershoots
Photography Workshop

  • Relax, learn and enjoy your passion for photography
  • Educational workshops
  • Several models attending
  • Shoot 1 on 1 with for 3 entire days in unique locations
  • Unique locations to be inspired
  • Natural light
  • Mixing portable studio light with natural light
  • Using various reflectors and scrims
  • Fashion - Beauty - Glamour - Portraits - Creative - Fine Art
  • Posing - Communication - Directing
  • Instructors that will assist you if needed
  • Apply what you learn with hands on training
  • Professional make up artistry
  • Professional hair styling
  • Self promotional model release from each model
  • Mentor Programs with top photography instructors
  • We meet you at your level

Event Itinerary

Las Vegas SuperShoots will begin with a Meet and Greet on Friday, Oct. 7, 8 p.m., at Tuscany Suites.

We will start from the hotel each day at 10 a.m. or otherwise noted earlier to the registered photographers for on-location workshops, scheduled shooting and photography mentor programs each day. We always meet at the Beach Front Cafe at the East side of the pool. Our wonderful shooting locations include desert scenes, and Tuscany Suites Property, a beautiful location that provides relaxing mentor programs and shooting schedule.

Photographers who want to learn and experience an exciting photography and modeling event will want to attend Las Vegas SuperShoots. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to build your portfolio, grow and learn or simply have fun networking with colleagues and wonderful models.

The itinerary is subject to change for Saturday, Sunday and Monday to best serve you.

Sometimes things beyond our control happen and we are prepared to adjust to maximize the event for you.

We have several locations. Nelson, NV, Redstone at Lake Mead Recreational Area, Dry Lake Beds, A Run Down Marble Factory near Beaty, NV. Tuscany Suites hotel also provides an excellent pool area and over all property is picturesque.

Friday - 8 p.m. Meet and Greet
Meet and greet 8 P.M. - Front of north side pool area right outside lobby

Saturday - 10 a.m. to Sunset
10:00 a.m. Mentor Programs - Scheduled shooting in afternoon to Sunset on location at *Dry Lake Bed or location to be determined to best serve the event.

Sunday - 10 a.m. to Sunset
10:00 a.m. Travel to location to be determined to best serve the event - Mentor Programs - Scheduled shooting in early afternoon to Sunset on location in *Nelson, NV. .

Monday - 10 a.m. to Sunset
10 a.m. Scheduled Shooting Tuscany Suites Property and travel to *Lake Mead Recreational Area to shoot at Redstone.

* Shooting Locations can change due to events outside of our control.

You will need to make your own travel and lodging arrangements. We have a room block special at Tuscany Suites. You will receive this code after registering with us.

Tuscany Suites

Tuscany Suites
Tuscany Suites

Las Vegas photography workshop
Model Sami

Kristie Las Vegas Supershoots Redstone location
Las Vegas Supershoots Redstone Location

Video showing portions of past events
It's hard to show you a 3 day event in 2 minutes!

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J T Smith
J T is well known for organizing quality photography and modeling events since 1997. Including the Hit the Lodge series that is nationally known year after year. Combining professional models in a fun and relaxed atmosphere along with his dedication to the education of photography, makes Supershoots events highly recommended.
PPhotographer J T Smith has 31 years of photography experience in Fashion, Beauty, Swimwear, Glamour, Commercial and Portraits. His work is nationally published. Studies Include Associates Degree in Applied Science and Art from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale's Photography Production Technology Program.  Award winning  photographer of A.P.P.I. 
Emmy Las Vegas Supershoots Location
Model Emmy - Dry Lake Bed Location
©J T Smith

April Las Vegas Supershoots Location
Model April at Tuscany Suites Property
©J T Smith


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