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Wedding Day Haze

Create a story instead of portraits

I see it often. Photographers shooting the bride and groom always looking at the camera no matter how the lighting conditions are. They have their speedlite or portable strobe out and blasting away. "Look here, look here and smile for the camera!"


Stop it! If you are one of these cookie cutting photographers always blasting unnatural light at your bride and groom, please pay attention. When lighting conditions are not in your favor or you're in deep shade at a park; start directing and create stories. You are missing artistic lighting conditions when you always use fill flash outdoors. Now is the time to use natural light to your advantage. You do not always have to have the bride and groom look at the camera. In fact, those shots can be boring. Light them up with the God given light and start creating stories. You don't always have to artificially light the eyes or be in sweet natural light to shoot subjects.

Instead of bringing light to the subjects, bring the subjects to the light!

Think about using reflectors instead of fill flash to give a natural light look that has a little pop. When you are in shade or overcast sky, use a silver reflector to bounce some light in when you want to photograph a traditional look with having subjects looking at the camera.

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