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HTL 20 Years to celebrate!

June 9-12, 2019 will mark our 20th year for this incredible photography event. HTL started with one goal in mind and that was to gather like minded photographers and models face to face to create beautiful images together in a retreat type atmosphere.

In the year 2000, Social media was just starting with various news groups and photography forums. Years later, facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, and snapchat took over these photography forums and is our main social media platforms today. Now our phones consume our daily lives. We hide behind our phones instead of communicating face to face. Heck, we don't even speak on the phone anymore. We type words to communicate as if our tongues are cut out.

HTL has always been fun, friendly and a place to be creative. Skilled colleagues that enjoy sharing and teaching proven techniques with those who truly want to learn has been the forefront of why photographers support the event and the reason why you should attend. There are no Rock Stars at HTL. In fact, some photographers and models that attended 20 years ago, that became successful, are now part of the SS team who enjoy inspiring others to become better.

It doesn't matter if you are wanting to be a better artist, hobbyist, amateur, advanced or professional photographer. It's about creating and learning new techniques and brushing up on proven techniques.

There are several studios and locations to explore. Orvis endorsed Heartland Lodge is set on the rolling hills of the Mississippi River Bluff in Pike County, Illinois. Wheat fields, wild flowers, open prairies, country roads, forests, water falls, rock structures, old barns, antique cars to small town urban locations provide many scenes to create unique images with beautiful models. Instructors and mentors who truly have a passion to share their knowledge with you so you can become a better photographer.

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